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December Update: Strengths and Weaknesses of Social Media Managers and other stories...

Which  type of social media manager are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why is Forever21 at the top of mind of this generation? Why is social media important for designer Zac Posen?... and more in today's Yanegirl's Week Update.

Which type of social media manager are you?

The topic: An infographic with 7 types of social media managers.

Because, of course, there are many and each one takes a different approach, sometimes without even realizing it. Therefore I found this infographic very interesting to take a look a some of the traits that shape the behavior (and the success) of some social media managers.

The source: Social Media Today

What I’m taking notes on: The strengths and weaknesses identified for each one of these characters. Check'em out yourself.

Why is Forever 21 at the top of mind of this generation?

The topic: Why Forever 21 is dominating millennial fashion

Not surprising. I’ve always said it. Being on a budget, if you have taste and sense of style, it doesn’t matter what brand you are wearing but how you’re wearing it. If the clothing meets the purpose, I wouldn’t sacrifice half of my paycheck to get something else. Of course, this is until you become a more conscious buyer, but by that time, you’re someone else’s target, not Forever 21.

The source: Business Insider India

What I’m taking notes on: <<“Why would a brand that offers low-cost, low-quality apparel rank so high with fashionable teens? The answer might be simple: Forever 21 is targeting a girl who is not yet interested in purchasing quality clothes. She just wants to look good. And when that girl moves on, another crop of girls will enter Forever 21's throes. This cheap, ephemeral fashion doesn't bother this consumer. After all, this consumer is more interested in spending money on technology and experience than apparel, anyway.">>

The Zac Posen strategy

Me as many others, discovered Zac Posen after he designed that Natalie Portman dress he mentions in this article, but really fell in love with his designing skills after his role as a judge in Project Runway. He's a young designer that has made great use of the media and network connections to build his brand. So reading this interview is a must.

The Source:

What I’m taking notes on: <<“So the red carpet helped establish your company. What kind of impact does it have today on your business? Is it a mandate for designers?

Z.P.: It’s very important for the right brand. Not every brand is a glamour brand. Not every red carpet is a glamour moment. For me it’s hugely important. It’s enabled my company to have global visibility and synergies with media. It became an essential building block and in terms financially, it can make a piece a bestseller worldwide.

Z.P.: Social media has evolved the whole game. People are addicted to their phones. You have to think how a piece photographs. The more I grow as a creator; I have to say that I get less worried about that and more focused on the experience of the garment itself. But for the red carpet, it’s essential. There are visceral things that humans react to. There are colors that are emotional, clothing that expresses things about vitality, emotion, sex. You can play with that and it becomes a dialogue. I don’t ever feel pressure to keep up the game because I think having pauses from dressing sometimes creates more anticipation and excitement.>>

Event e-mail marketing tips

The topic: Useful tips to successfully promote events using email campaigns.

This upcoming year I might have the possibility to start exploring the world of event marketing. I've been flirting with a client, so while I seal the deal, I'm saving useful information like tips provided in this article.

The Source: Search Engine Journal

What I’m taking notes on: Creating a timeline for an event e-mail marketing campaign. Types of emails to send prior the event and how to highlight the event main person/speaker/attraction.

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