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What apps are doing for fashion

Stylebook App

The fashion industry runs around trends and, living on the social era we are living, it isn’t hard to figure out why it is so susceptible to all these new tech and social media trends coming up.

These days, we can find all sort of mobile apps for fashion lovers aimed to be used in different aspects of our lives. This variety is more likely to be found on iOS (some exclusively), letting us know that the wider range of trend lovers can be found under the Apple umbrella.

Let’s just take a look at what’s going on:

Magazines being useful
Apps are challenging magazines on their apps conception. Now is not about “read this edition on your mobile”, but about what else can we do beside entertain you.  

Glamour magazine, for example, has “Ask a Stylist”. An app that allows you to receive expert’s advice on what to wear and how to wear it. And Lucky magazine has Lucky at Your Service, which would help you track the most fashionable items of the moment, according to editors.

Catalog delivery
No more catalogs on your mailbox. Now you can have them all gathered in apps like Catalog Spree, making it easier to update the offer, but also challenging the stores to work on this new content display.

Deals hunting
Apps that help you come across “fabulous finds” are the most popular lately and there’s still more to come. Snapette and Swirl are some of these, that would help you locate stores near you, but also spread the word on social media by letting every body envy what you’ve just purchased.

Putting your outfit together
Some people plan their outfits for the week. Some of us just don’t have that discipline. But for any case, apps like Stylebook and Cloth, will make this task easier, by allowing you to combine what you have in your closet, put it on a when-to-wear-it calendar and sharing it with the rest of the world, among other solutions.

What other fashion apps do you use and recommend?

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