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What is a vision board good for? Here’s how it worked for me

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to do my first vision board. That’s what everybody is doing these days, no? I honestly didn’t have high expectations about its effectiveness, but this was my outcome: 

It can be fun

I’m not the most crafty-panky person (at least not anymore), but every once in a while I do enjoy doing “cut & paste” activities that remind me of my school days. A vision board is something like it. Plus, I always buy magazines that later don’t know what to do with, therefore using them to create a vision board seemed like a fun idea. 

To do it, I started by watching this video and this video. It didn’t seem like a complicated thing, but since now there are people who make money out of teaching you how to do one, I decided to do research in case I was missing any scientific facts. 

I wasn’t… so I suggest you do the same and learn from good old Youtube. 

It’s a starting point

A vision board should be a good starting point to set your goals for the year. I would say that’s its main purpose but I actually didn’t understand this until later in the year. The thing is, I had already written a long list of personal and professional goals before putting the vision board together. There were like 20 goals on my notebook, while on the vision board you should only focus on having 5 or 6. 

For this reason, I would advise you to do it the other way around. Start the year by creating your vision board first, and once you have it, go on and define the actions that will help you achieve those 5 or 6 goals, and that are only related to them. 

This will help you stay realistic and focused on striving for less things but achieving more. 

It provides a great feeling of satisfaction

This, my friend, is the greatest thing you get out of a vision board! 

I honestly didn’t do what the vision-board-prophets say: put it in a visible place, watch it everyday, and declare every morning the things you will achieve. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”. However, I glanced at it every once in a while. 


Then in December, I sat down in front of it and looked at all those things I cut and pasted 11 months before -without really knowing if they were really happening- and that’s when the magic occurred. 

Looking at my achievements gave me an amazing feeling of satisfaction and pride. It gives you that push to believe that you just have to say it to do it. 

That emotion, my dear reader, was priceless. And it’s the only reason why in 2020, I’ll be doing it again. 

Have you ever done a vision board? Tell me in the comments :)

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