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More about the experience, less about shopping.

Last Thursday I visited the Uniqlo store in 34th street. Lot of people had mentioned me the store, so I decided to give it a try. I really liked it. The design, the structure, the clean layout, the way everything is so organized, the restrooms and the spaced halls. The store mainly offers basics in all possible colors. And some pieces that you could easily substitute with cheaper versions found in department stores. But after being around other packed places, I liked shopping there. It was comfortable and satisfactory.

This pic is from Uniqlo at 5th Avenue
Taken from JSBG

 The shopping experience is one thing you can’t trade. And that’s something managers must understand these days. People is doing more online-shopping these days, so when they decide to go out to store, they’re looking for that temporary fulfilling feeling that comes after purchasing something new and not for a stressful time.

That reminded me an article I recently read at BOF, about how stores like Opening Ceremony are concerned about creating a whole “retail entertainment” strategy to bring in those customers that use to play the shipping and return game.

What we are seeing now is more in-store parties, fashion shows, tastings and sprees. Stores that are hiring producers to create their own music sets and fashion films (found on LinkedIn a company focused on this) to showcase inside the establishment’s screens. And shelves that are being displayed following a mobile-friendly strategy or even integrating e-commercefunctions in the operations of the physical store.

The pushers
As in other aspects, Apple has been one of the innovators when it comes to In-store experience. The model of their Apple stores, have been reproduced by other technology brands that want their customers to try out their products.

Apple Store in 5th Avenue

Make the store an interesting place to visit
Architecture matters. As if it was a touristic venue, Starbucks opened last year a store built out of recycled shipping containers, converting this in a spot anyone would like to visit and take a picture of. They’ve been using this kind of strategy for years and it has worked to build brand equity.

What else can you offer?
You can give something extra to your customers by partnering with another company that can add up to your in-store customer experience. Like Verizon did last year with Kitchen 67, offering good food with bites of technology to their visitors.

What experiences have you enjoy lately in your favorite stores? 

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