lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

Feed junkie

Whatsapp. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Personal E-mail. School E-mail. Work E-mail. Blog.

The listed above are the main networks I’m engaged to every day. During the past months, I’ve been working intensively with managing multiple accounts, and this has kind of given me the sensation of being packed of it.

It’s funny because social media supposedly gives us insights of other people’s life. These channels are supposed to makes us feel part of their best moments, closer to their feelings, especially from those who are way.

But what’s really happening is that, lately, I’m not really paying much attention to what anyone posts on social media but me. Sounds selfish, I know. But this is probably one of the most sincere analyses I’ve written lately.

Am I becoming a “feed junkie”?

I ask myself this kind of modern-existential questions every once in a while.

The fact is that with the imposed fake necessity of keeping the pace of my updates and the rest of the time that I expend “living” the real life, I ain’t got much time left (or desire) to keep in track with everyone else’s lives. I’m in, see what people have to say about what I posted, and I’m out. That’s it.

Then someone asks me “did you see the pictures I posted about my trip”? And you probably know what the answer is. If I'm not directly involved in it, I might not. (If I wasn’t tagged there, forget about it).

Only when I’m waiting on a line or for the bus to arrive, I get into the stories of the rest of the world, but this might be no more that 10 minutes. And by my amounts of shared content, people think I’m connected all the time, but the truth is I’m more disconnected than ever.

The interesting paradox here is that by being so into “social”, I’ve become an “antisocial”.

Is this happening to you as well?

If we reach a point where the answer of this last question is mostly yes, there will come the evolution, and the networks would have to be reinvented again to drag us back in into their game.

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