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24 hours of happiness!: Social Media lessons from Pharell's new video.

After years of success, there comes a time when some people can just start doing whatever they want. Pharell Williams is one of those people, although despite how many years have past, he still puts passion and innovation to his work to break the boundaries.

Just today, I shared on Twitter this article which first lesson to become socially engaged is to “dothings differently”. Well, Pharell has (and lets considerate him as a brand). 

He launched the first 24-hour-long music video. And anyone would think “what the heck for?” No matter his reasons, the video made it to every news channel, just for being the first of his kind.

It is not on YouTube, but it’s own platform called 24hoursofhappy (“Happy” is the performed song by the way). 

This means:

Direct clicks
What every brand wants. People are actually going in to this page designed exclusively to showcase Pharell’s new idea. If he made a bet with any brand to prove he could make it and get those direct clicks, he won.

You must have seen it in the news. Everywhere. Shared by your friends. And now in this blog. I bet, if you haven’t; now you want to see it.

That 24-hours-long doesn’t mean you can share it. Actually, Pharell thought about this strategically, and the platform is designed so that you can share just your favorite part.

Viral and catchy
The tune gets deep in your subconscious. I’m sure that if you see the whole video, not at once but a few hours at the time, you’ll easily learn the whole Happy song that is constantly repeated along.

I read in “The Guardian” that by the end of the video Pharell has exhorted the viewer to “clap along” 8,640 times (would this involve a subliminal message?).

A little influencers help
The video also involves the appearances of some celebrities like Magic Johnson, Odd Future, Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Carell.

In the end I think I shouldn’t ask what’s your favorite part of Pharell’s new video, but what’s your favorite “time”?

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