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Why social models are becoming the top!

We are sure that the social media boom has become pretty rewarding for famous figures that receive endorsements while using their private accounts. Athletes, actors, bloggers, experts and many others have found their ways to take advantage of self-advertising on the social web.

@CocoRocha on Instagram

But there’s another group for whom social media has totally changed the game, and I’m talking about models.

For years, models where meant to remain silent, speechless and expressionless, by assuming the heterogenic concepts of the brands they represented. Being promoted under the mercy of their modeling agencies, until they where hired for enough campaigns and shows to pay their own reps.

But today the game has changed, and younger models can find their own way to breakthrough if they know how to take advantage of their social networks.

The perks of being a social model:

-Paid to be socialites
Models are paid to walk down the runway, but at the same time, the get to by part of the parties and the entertainment around the fashion industry. Which is a great subject to showcase on social media.

-Fashion insiders
They get to see, feel and comment the trends with information from the primary sources, the designers. Besides, they can create expectations on upcoming campaigns, keeping their followers posted and waiting for more.

Do you have any idea of how many people you get to know around any fashion event? From photographers to stylists, journalists, editors, brand directors… Just a quick snapshot with any fashion icon, and you’ll have some word-of-mouth.

These and much more kind of content that models can have access to, easily generates conversations that lead to more social media awareness and faster exposure than ever before.

And of course, all these lead to worthy endorsements from small and big brands that models can take advantage from at any level.

"Models, paid to be expressionless, are finding a new way to express themselves". –The Wall Street Journal. 

Who did it right last Fashion Week?

@AngelCandice (Candice Swanepoel)

The legendary keep their social media going on too.
Famous top models don't let it all to the young newcomers. This women are rockin' it too on the networks. 
@GiseleOfficial (Gisele Bundchen)

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  1. I loved this post. Interesting how the fashion marketing strategies have evolved with the model's power as influencers!


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