domingo, 13 de febrero de 2022

Life turns

Budapest, 2022. Photo taken by my foreign man.


When I was a teenager, I started dreaming about being a fashion designer. I watched shows like Felicity, MTV The City and Sex and the City and dreamt of moving to New York to pursue that dream. 

As I grew older, I realized I loved fashion but as a means of self-expression. I didn’t want to make fashion for others, I wanted to make it for myself. So my dreams shifted.

Because life turns.


Then I discovered communications. In the many radio shows I listened to, the many books I read, and the second hand magazines I collected. I found joy in words and how they are expressed. 

Thus I started my career in communications. I wanted to work for fashion magazines, and I did for a bit. But then I also discovered marketing, social media, blogs, and the digital world. And my approach changed. 

Early 20’s were hard work. Working during the day, going to college at night. Then working during the day, covering events at night. It was non-stop until I was a bit burned out. But that’s what your 20s are good for, I guess. You’ve got the energy, you’ve got the drive of your ambitions, then you cross a line…

…where life turns. 

In my late 20’s I actually made it to New York. This time it was unexpected, not part of my big life plan but an ironic act of chance. A scholarship came up and gave me the opportunity of my life. 

Took it. Packed. Left. I didn’t know I wasn’t gonna make it back home as before. 

But life turns. 

I didn’t like the city’s fast life. It was not my kind of thing. ‘To live to work’, I was over it. I enjoyed every minute, it’s true. However, I was cool with its expiration date: Finish up and go back home to my family, my friends, and my new goals. 

I didn’t click with foreign men. I didn’t want someone who couldn’t dance. 

And guess what? Life turns. 


I started my 30’s with wedding plans and the love of my foreign man. Plans to go even further away from my family and my friends. Plans to make new goals, or maybe none at all, because things seem to be better…

…when you let life turn. 

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