viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Events with no boundaries!

On my last blog entry for my Social Media Class (MKMC5102) y was talking about how the boost of social media has changed the creative process in the fashion industry from inside the firms.

Well today I’ve found out about another innovation in the way fashion is being showcased, also reinforced by the possibilities that internet and social media are offering.

I’m referring to the Digital Fashion Week, “the first world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week”, done thanks to a joint partnership between Singapore and the British Council.

This Fashion Week debuted in October 2012, which means this is its second year. And is only presented through YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Tumblr.  

I believe the team you need to put together a live fashion show that will be streamed is kind of the same of a regular one, except that you save the need to have ushers accommodating guests in the room.

And here is where the industry have different opinions about how things should be. “On one side, there are veterans who believe that Fashion Week should remain a strictly closed business-focused event; and on the other side are those who want to crack Fashion Week wide open”, says an article on Luxury Society.

Selective or not, this could be the future of much more events to come, done exclusively online. “Brands are embracing digital; as evidenced by the fact that marketing initiatives are now incorporated into the vast majority of shows and presentations”, the article recalls.

And the possibility of selling the merchandise right through the web offers the opportunity of a faster return of the investment, that doesn't depends on the impact on regular media or the amount of attendants at the event.

So what you guys think about this initiative? 

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