viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

NYFW Favs: Ralph Lauren Satin and Cargos in the Perfect Timing!

In another time, mixing satin textures and cargo pants would have been an awful idea. But as everything in marketing, it's all about the perfect timing. Satin is usually on the verge of luxury and sophistication, while cargo pants are far on the other extreme as a utility piece that is meant to be comfy and functional. How they work together for Ralph Lauren

When I saw this proposals, I thought: "When should one wear this? Day or night?" But why not both. Nowadays, women are living in a fast world that sometimes doesn't allow us to get home to change before a cocktail. Then practical outfit combinations that can get us through the whole journey are more than welcome. 




I also found the excess of accessories a different touch, since we are talking about Ralph Lauren who is usually very simple in terms of accessories.


Photos via Vogue Magazine.

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