viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013


For my Social Media class this week I was asked to talk about a social tool that I like. I choose Readability, an app that I discovered recently and that I wanted to share with you guys. So this is what i wrote: 

Readability View
With so many things to read on the web and so many content to curate to feed our final project account (@SocialVilleNY), my personal account (@YanerisM) and to contribute to our class’s hashtag (#Mkmc5102), there’s a lot of interesting readings I come across everyday but I don’t have the time to read them all completely while I’m surfing pages.

I already have a million bookmark folders I never come back to. So, to keep saving pages this way was not an option.   I considered using Evernote, but they had so many features on their description video that I felt a little overwhelmed. I wanted something simple as I like simple things. 
"Read comfortably - Anytime, Anywhere!"

That’s when I noticed the Readability button. I spotted it in one of those pages, right next to the usual sharing buttons. Readability is an app that lets you bookmark something you want to save for later. It saves the articles for you in a clean format, without the advertisements and you can even choose to read them in your Kindle format, if you have one. You can organize your readings in an archive and also add tags to classify them better.

Sharing options in Readability

For me is perfect, because it works in a very simple way. You log in using your Facebook or Twitter account (where you can also share what you’re reading). And you may also install the Readability button on your browser, which works exactly like the “Pin it” button from Pinterest.

Readability button

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