jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Isn't it funny how social media changes the creative game?

“Isn’t if funny how money changes the situation?” –a song says. But the thing is that, for the fashion industry specially, social media is changing the whole creative process when it comes to working on campaigns.

Oscar De La Renta launched their fall ad campaign on their Instagram @OscarPRGirl this year 

Right now, the creative team not only needs to make tangible an abstract inspirational concept for a collection. It also needs to be attached to a wise and attractive ad campaign that will be later showcased in different formats including, of course, social media.

The whole campaign won’t be only about visual impact anymore. Its interpretation must be communicated as a whole set of experiences that will be showcased through these new channels available.

This means that nowadays each season’s campaign’s meeting shall contemplate how the idea would work on pictures, how it would work on a 140 characters message, how it would fit a 1:1 Instagram square, on which Pinterest board it would be placed, how the whole story can be told on a 3 minute video on YouTube and the third party channels of the influencers recruited for the brand.

This means, the complete planning of performing all these things involves more than just a concept, a model, a stylist, a make-up artist, a photographer and a location, as in the old days.

Fashion in particular, is an industry which sales are driven by each brand’s visual contents. Some are definitely doing it better than others on this race. They’re seeing the whole picture together and the consumers are seeing it as well.

Michelle Williams by Peter Lindberg for Louis Vuitton

Talking about being all over? Louis Vuitton makes it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and even Foursquare. Followed by their own App. All of these clearly prompted on their main site. 

Chanel on the other hand, is lagging on the list of brand’s with a good social media presence, despite their intents of engaging people with the brand’s history, with their “Inside Chanel”, video series on YouTube. 

Some might say: “Maybe is just that Chanel true ladies (large buyers) are women who are probably not “losing time” on social networks”. But guess what? Maybe their daughters, grand-daughters and nieces are. And when it comes about getting their first high fashion piece from “wealthy grandma”, some network influence might lead their preference.

Oscar de la Renta’s house may teach them all a little lesson about it. Their @OscarPRGirl is more than an account name. Is an insider with true personality, communicating with the world from the bowels of the brand. They even choose to launch their fall ad campaign on Instagram, before any other traditional media. Approaching with these strategies a younger circle of customers who have responded happily to the messages of a brand that specially suits women beyond their 35’s. 

So get your team's minds set or die trying. 

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  1. I loved this blog. Fashion is one of the main interest and seeing big classic names such as Oscar de la Renta engaging in social media, because at the end this is surely the future of any brand. :)


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