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The HIP-HOP/Pop playlist

(This post goes in English 'cause this is how I thought about it)

Despite what old-school-hip-hop-lovers might say, I really like the way this rhythm has evolved. The new singers, collaborations and mixes (specially with all those electronic sounds), makes this songs stick around in my head. And makes me declare my public admiration to the producers who conceived them. 

So here's a selection of some songs I need to hear every once in a while, with my car's radio volume at it's max!. 

Although Rihanna's Man Down is on top, the rest of the songs on the list follow a random order. 

1.Man Down-Rihanna

Love the way Rihanna assumes her roots in this song (and others to come like recent single "Cheers"), singing with a laid back roots-reggae feeling. The music, the vocal performance and the feeling. And the video tops it all, 'cause it does a great work expressing the meaning of this song and its social content. 

2. Let me blow ya'mind - Eve feat. Gwen Stefani

Here are Eve and Gwen Stefani, two powerful women, do i need to say more? Just the constant "tin tin tin tin tin tin tin" of the music gets me in good mood. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, one that makes me feel that I can do it all. And also Eve's style is from the ones i admire the most, tho she is red head in this video, every time i see her i wonder how would i look if i dyed my hair blond.

3. Upgrade U - Beyonce feat. Jay-Z

Beyonce's gansta attitude at its maximum! Lol! This songs teaches some serious lessons of what every woman should be able to do with her man. Take note!

4. Find your love- Drake

Just like to say that "I'm more than just an option". 

5. All of the lights- Kanye West feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

I don't like Kanye West's nasal voice very much, but I gotta say I really like this song. I think is the sound of the trumpets- or whatever wind instrument- on the intro that i like the most; and also the piano and violins solo on the soft intro on the video, a part they don't play on the radio. I also like it, 'cause the visuals are simple and complex at the same time: a collage of flashy neon signs. And of course, the message of the song is pretty strong and men oriented: don't make those actions you might regret for life. 

6. Muerte en Hawaii- Calle 13

I know, i know... the music on this video is not close to hip-hop. He's just rapping over a hawaian   melody. But remember I'm talking about music mixes and alternatives to hip-hop singers. Can't tell  exactly if Calle 13 is hip-hop, but I think he is the closest to it in Latin America, although I don't consider myself part of their fans. When I first heard this song, I was like "wtf!", this cannot be them, is just too romantic and soft. And the video is what is even mores shocking, jajaja. But I gotta say, that even if their "Stop the dolphins hunt" claim has nothing to do with the song, the concept was well done.

7. Coming Home- Diddy/ Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey

One of the best mixes of electronic hip-hop. Positive song. And my discovery of this Diddy's Dirty Money experiment and Skylar Grey. You should now Skylar Grey, i'll be posting about her soon. 

8. Look at me now- Chris Brown feat. Lil' Wayne, Busta Rhymes

I know those who know me will wonder how come I like this song. Well I like it. Heard it in first place thanks to my hip-hop dj friend, DJ TnT Official a.k.a. Togayhan Tarim. And is part of a mix he did that I have as a ring tone. The thing is that even tho the song is kinda a dirty one, is just catchy and gets me in a good mood. 

9. Por la noche- La Mala Rodríguez

Simplemente porque La Mala, como mujer, es la mejor exponente del género en español. 

10. Black and Yellow- Wiz Khalifa

Last but not least. Pisses me that this video is not available in my country. So i haven't seen it really. Why I like this non sense song? 'Cause I read an interview to Wiz Khalifa published on Red Bull's Bulletin (May 2011, pg.20/21), and I found interesting this declaration: "People don't really know why they like the song, but I programmed them to like the song. I've been using that formula on singles and mixtapes before". They say he repeats the words "black and yellow" 48 times on this song, and that this is just part of his plan to rule the world. 

Like Wiz's determination, don't you? 

It's funny, but we gotta be careful, some artists are really focused in controlling our minds!! LOL!!

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